Bakery Land
The Chocolate Boutique

Discover our mystical fantasy world of “Bakery Land” at the Chocolate Boutique, where our new wizard of pastry, Executive Pastry Chef Ajinkya (AJ) will tempt you with his all-new sweet and savory creations.

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The Royal Collection Afternoon Tea
Lobby Lounge

The Royal Collection Afternoon Tea” features decadent delicacies representing each country that the royal couple, King Rama IX and Queen Sirikit, visited during their royal tour: The French Choux Swan, Vietnamese Coffee Tart, German Black Forest Our Way, Australian Lamington, The American Peanut Butter Pie, and Malaysian Pandan Chiffon Cake.

Price is at THB 1,999 nett per set for two persons. 
Available at Lobby Lounge from 2 pm to 6pm daily.

From 18 April until 30 June 2022 only.

Lobsterlicious Night Buffet
NEXT2 Café

NEXT2 Seafood Night with a special twist of "Lobsterlicious" featuring Canadian Lobster on ice and your favourite dishes with a Lobster-enhanced take, including Signature Lobster Tempura Futomaki, Lobster and Mixed Seafood Paella, Baked Lobster and Shrimp Macaroni, Lobster Wonton Noodles, Lobster Nicoise Salad, Lobster Bisque Soup with Country Bread Crostini and more.

THB 2,698 nett per person
50% off for child aged between 5-11 years old
Available on every Saturdays from 6pm - 10pm

From now until 30 June 2022

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